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I’m Angelika, a Washington D.C. and Harrisonburg based photographer. Photographing people and brands I love all around the world is my passion, and I would enjoy nothing more than to work with you too! Shoot me a message so that I can say hi, personally thank you for stopping by, or set up a session with you!

Summer in Europe Pt. 1 | London

Summer in Europe Pt. 1 | London

So this post is like 5 months overdue…finally getting around to the massive task of blogging my 3 week Europe adventure with my bestie, Mona, this past July! I’ve known Mona and her family since birth (read more about my friendship with Mona here), so after our senior year of high school, they invited me to join them on their European travels! We explored England, France, Italy, San Marino (a tiny republic in Italy), and Switzerland within those 3 wonderful weeks.

Our first stop was London! During our time there, Mona’s cousin warmly welcomed us into his beautiful flat and showed us all around the city. We got to see everything from the biggest tourist attractions to the smallest local treasures. Man, did we pack in A LOT into those 4-5 days we stayed. I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as I did those nights. Plus, I was still recovering from some major jet lag.

Even though we didn’t stay too long, I fell in love with London’s night life and bustling, winding city streets. We would walk for hours and hours, popping in and out of shops. We even ran into Mona’s other cousins randomly while walking around! So fun! Here are a few (kinda a lot actually) pictures encapsulating our time there, mixed in with a few iPhone shots as well!

London Buckingham Palace_0300.jpgLondon AJP Photography_0035

The flat!

London AJP Photography_0037Basically, Mona and I got 2 hours of sleep within 48 hours…this was us right after we walked through the door.
London AJP Photography_0036

Our first meal in London was from Bertie and Boo! So yummy.
London Buckingham Palace_0291.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0290.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0289.jpgFrom the first few hours we arrived, we got welllllll acquainted with London’s public transit system, the Tube. So intricate!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London Buckingham Palace_0292.jpgLondon AJP Photography_0038 London Buckingham Palace_0370.jpgWimbledon was going on while we were there, and the streets of London were decked out! We got to try Pimms too 🙂 yum!

London AJP Photography_0039 London Buckingham Palace_0295.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0294.jpg London Buckingham Palace_0293.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0296.jpg

London AJP Photography_0040
London Buckingham Palace_0298.jpg

London Buckingham Palace_0299.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0301.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0302.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0303.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0305.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0307.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0306.jpg

Yes, we did a bus tour. Loved hearing the history and learning more about this incredible place! The bus made many stops that allowed us to explore as long as we wanted and hop on the next one or two that circled back. One of the stops was the Buckingham Palace…while the queen was inside!
London Buckingham Palace_0308.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0314.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0309.jpg

London AJP Photography_0043
London Buckingham Palace_0310.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0316.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0311.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0312.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0313.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0315.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0318.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0319.jpg

Next stop was the London Eye! That VIEW from inside was incredible!
London Buckingham Palace_0320.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0322.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0321.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0323.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0326.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0325.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0324.jpg

My favvvorrrittee thing we did in London was simply walk along the Thames River. There were so many street performers and lots of activity going on – so much fun!
London Buckingham Palace_0327.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0328.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0329.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0330.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0331.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0339.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0332.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0334.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0336.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0337.jpg

Along the river, we came across this fountain, and Mona and I decided to run in there spontaneously. One of my favorite memories for sure!!
London Buckingham Palace_0340.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0343.jpg
London AJP Photography_0047London Buckingham Palace_0344.jpg
London AJP Photography_0048We also ran into this outdoor bookstore – so cute!
London Buckingham Palace_0347.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0346.jpg

London Buckingham Palace_0348.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0349.jpg

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London Buckingham Palace_0352.jpgOur first night we, of course, had to get some authentic fish and chips. For din on another night, Mona’s cousin took us to this old pub! Soooo good.

London AJP Photography_0041
London Buckingham Palace_0353.jpg London Buckingham Palace_0354.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0355.jpg London Buckingham Palace_0356.jpgPlanning out our next moves.
London Buckingham Palace_0357.jpgLondon AJP Photography_0053
London Buckingham Palace_0359.jpg London Buckingham Palace_0358.jpgMona’s other cousins met up with us for dinner! It was great seeing them. I remember going over to Mona’s house as a little kid and nosily asking them with Mona when they were going to get married while they were still dating! Becky was expecting so we took a few, casual photos after dinner!
London Buckingham Palace_0360.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0362.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0363.jpg

London Buckingham Palace_0364.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0365.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0366.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0367.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0368.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0369.jpg

The picture on the right is how you could typically find me…Mona and I literally sat every chance we could get, haha. So. much. walking. Mona’s mom, Ginger, kept making fun of us for it.

London AJP Photography_0077London Buckingham Palace_0372.jpg

Another thing we crossed off our list was taking a boat tour along the Thames River!

London Buckingham Palace_0376.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0375.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0377.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0373.jpg

You see that tinnnyyyyy flag on top of the building to the left of the Big Ben? On the boat tour, we learned that it was the size of a TENNIS COURT.
London Buckingham Palace_0374.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0379.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0378.jpg
We also toured the Tower of London!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


London AJP Photography_0054

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London Buckingham Palace_0381.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0383.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0386.jpg
Tower Bridge!
London Buckingham Palace_0388.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0387.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0390.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0391.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0392.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0393.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0394.jpg

Ahh!! Another favorite moment of mine! After walking across Tower Bridge, we took a small detour down a mossy staircase, which led to a quaint beach with an amazing view of the bridge. We wanted a group picture, and saw a group of photographers talking in a circle, so I approached them and asked if they could grab a shot with my camera. This led to a brief conversation about equipment, our passions for photography, and what we were doing in London. Their gathering happened to be a Instagram meetup they had organized, and we all exchanged Instagram handles after talking! Yay for new friends! I love how photography has enabled me to connect with people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

London AJP Photography_0057 London Buckingham Palace_0395.jpg

After walking back up, we found this random tropical-themed Wimbledon watching right smack in the middle of what would usually be a very busy area. There were free drinks and lots of chairs for relaxing – Mona and I naturally gravitated to the chairs and took a good 20 minute power nap.
London Buckingham Palace_0398.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0399.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0396.jpg

London AJP Photography_0081 London Buckingham Palace_0397.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0401.jpg

We stopped by this place to meet up with some more of Mona’s family! It was such a gorgeous place to snack.

London AJP Photography_0060

London Buckingham Palace_0403.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0402.jpg

Mona and I took a little walk while people were talking, found this cool tree, and parked ourselves right down next to it to relax.
London Buckingham Palace_0405.jpg

London AJP Photography_0061London Buckingham Palace_0407.jpg

For one morning we went to see the changing of the guards! On the day we ended up going, there happened to be an extra processional going on.

London AJP Photography_0063
London Buckingham Palace_0411.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0408.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0409.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0412.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0410.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0413.jpg

One of my other favorite things we did in London, was easily going to Borough Market, a huge market under the railway lines filled with British meat and artisanal dairy and baked goods. It reminded me more of a farmers market, but a 4.5 acre one. I could’ve explored that place all dang day.

London AJP Photography_0068London AJP Photography_0066London AJP Photography_0065London AJP Photography_0067

London Buckingham Palace_0415.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0414.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0416.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0421.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0417.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0418.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0422.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0424.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0425.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0427.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0426.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0419.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0420.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0428.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0432.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0431.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0429.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0430.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0433.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0423.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0435.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0434.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0436.jpg

Mona and I found these free Bastille Day flags in the market. Below, Mona showing her pre-Bastille Day spirit before arriving in France!!

London AJP Photography_0069

Visiting the British Museum was one of the top things on our London bucket list! We saw so much history, including the famous Rosetta Stone and parts of the Greek Parthenon. After we had English tea and pastries upstairs!

London AJP Photography_0075London AJP Photography_0072
London AJP Photography_0074
London Buckingham Palace_0439.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0445.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0446.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0442.jpg
London AJP Photography_0073London Buckingham Palace_0444.jpg

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London Buckingham Palace_0448.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0449.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0450.jpg

The opposite direction of traffic kept tripping us up! Mona almost got her head chopped off by a bus after sticking her head out and looking left for incoming cars like how we do in the states, which is when a maasssivee double decker bus zoomed in from the right inches away from her head.
London Buckingham Palace_0451.jpg

Another favorite place was Covent Gardens. The area had the most ammaazzinng street performers. These guys have to AUDITION to get a slot and space there.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London Buckingham Palace_0452.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0453.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0454.jpg

London Buckingham Palace_0456.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0455.jpg London Buckingham Palace_0457.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0459.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0460.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0461.jpg
London Buckingham Palace_0462.jpg

Another on our bucket list was the famous Harrods, a huuuggee fancy department store!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

London Buckingham Palace_0466.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0463.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0464.jpgLondon Buckingham Palace_0465.jpg6 floors!!
London Buckingham Palace_0468.jpg London Buckingham Palace_0467.jpg

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I’m Angelika, a Washington D.C. and Harrisonburg based photographer. Photographing people and brands I love all around the world is my passion, and I would enjoy nothing more than to work with you too! Shoot me a message so that I can say hi, personally thank you for stopping by, or set up a session with you!

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